Develop cross-selling with your active clients by predicting customer propensity


  • For each customer, identify the moment of highest propensity for each of your offers
  • Offer the right product to the right person at the right time

Predictive scoring

For each product, the analysis of past purchasing behaviors supplemented by our Open Data brings unparalleled targeting precision and optimization to your cross-selling campaigns


We start by compiling the data you already have in flat files. The data are then pseudonymized (in strict compliance with GDPR guidelines), augmented thanks to Open Data sources for greater depth, and then processed by our AI algorithms.

The dashboard presents the results in an easy-to-read, user-friendly and business-ready way, so they can be intuitively interpreted by your teams.

Our business teams guide you throughout the construction & consolidation phase, before transferring the day-to-day management to you when you are fully independent.

Over time, our analysts continue to be available to add new gauges or refine the granularity of the results.

Business development with active customers is a very profitable strategy, as long as you are able to anticipate your customer’s needs. That is precisely what our DataSell module is designed to do: to propose products that are in line with customer and policy holders’ needs, when their likelihood to purchase the product is at its peak.

Over and above considerations of revenue and customer loyalty, being able to anticipate customer needs will reduce your communication needs while at the same time boosting sales. For each customer, the software also lets you indicate their preferred channel of communication and the most appropriate sales mechanism.

Selling to an active customer is eight times more profitable than selling to a new customer