• How much does it cost?

    We offer a simple model with a monthly subscription based on your volume of customers.

  • How does it work with our CRM, or Marketing Automation software?

    Our software solutions can be interfaced with all the major CRM or Marketing Automation software solutions on the market.
    We work with flat files or webservices.

  • What about GDPR compliance?

    AfterData is 100% GDPR compliant:

    • No personal data is processed
    • All data are Pseudonymized at the source
    • All data exchanges are secure
    • The register of processes is updated on a regular basis
  • What data are required?

    We mainly need your day-to-day business data.
    We know how to retrieve several sources of data, even unstructured.
    We recover your data as is, as flat files.

    We clean and structure them and complement them with our OPEN DATA.
    For the learning phase, we need two to three years of past data.

  • I have little data, unstructured data.

    We mainly need your daily business data: product(s)/policy(ies) subscribed, premiums/contributions, claims, after-insurance cost, contract duration, etc.
    You also have valuable socio-demographic data: gender, age, geographical location, and possibly some behavioral data such as complaints, Intranet activity, etc.

  • Our IT teams are too busy.

    We help you prepare your data and optimize your teams’ time. Your IS teams do not need to reprocess any data:

    • We can help you select the data.
    • We recover your data as is, as flat files.
    • We clean them and structure them
  • We already have an in-house team.

    AfterData offers two types of services:

    • our expertise center: our data experts work alongside your teams to help them enhance the value of their work (external data, algorithm optimization, etc.).
    • our solution center:  a predictive marketing platform that enables the Data teams to enhance the autonomy and efficiency of the Marketing teams in their data exploitation activities.

    The AfterData software solution is designed to provide a veritable link between the Data and Marketing teams, enhancing your data in a visual, easy-to-understand and customizable way, meaning your teams can view key scores and variables and carry out very precise targeting operations.

  • We already have scores.

    With our expertise center, our versatile and experienced experts will work alongside your teams to help produce relevant data visualizations, build prediction models and calculate predictive scores.

    We can help you:

    • optimize your algorithms
    • enrich external OPEN DATA
    • maintain scores over time
    • etc.

    We provide a turnkey predictive marketing software solution designed specifically for marketing teams: with AfterData, your marketing and sales teams will be able to run and manage campaigns completely independently.

  • How reliable are your scores?

    Our software solution integrates control group features, which provide assessment not only of the quality of the predictions but also of the effectiveness of the marketing actions being implemented.