A 360° view of alerts

The relevance of the analysis of a market abuse alert relies mainly on the ability to understand the reasons that triggered the alert. AfterData’s Compliance software solution provides total transparency on the criteria that triggered alerts, but also on the reasons why no alerts were raised for certain transactions. Watch the video (1’22)

The AfterData Compliance software solution provides analysts with a dedicated dashboard for the entire audit trail.

All the internal and external data needed for decision making is now aggregated on a single screen.

Your teams no longer need to spend tedious hours searching for solutions or juggling between several tools.

Alert processing time is reduced by 30%, meaning compliance officers can focus on their core mission: financial analysis.

The external data (quotation, financial news, etc.) that are integrated are adapted to the specific needs of each client.


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Audit trail historization

In order to precisely meet the expectations of the regulator, AfterData’s Compliance solution integrates a vault that guarantees the absolute durability of audit trails. Watch the video (1’16)

Our audit trail management module enables you to fully comply with existing requirements, unlike traditional office automation tools, such as spreadsheets or word processing software.

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Pascal Roquecave RCSI

“We’ve seen a significant improvement in the time spent on processing alerts. Being able to process alerts from beginning to end within the same tool is such a fantastic time-saver.”

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