Identify transactions that correspond to a scenario penalized by the MAR / MAD II Directive


  • Identify market abuse with great precision
  • Limit false alerts
  • Assist analysts in creating audit trails
  • Backup the entire processing workflow


By combining management rules as per the regulator’s recommendations with machine learning algorithms, our software solution offers unparalleled precision.

The MAR / MAD II Regulation requires financial institutions to detect risks of market abuse, establish audit trails and compile detailed incident reports. The challenge for these companies is attaining a safe level of operational risk.

The DataMAR module automatically detects all scenarios identified by the French Financial Markets Regulator (AMF). The alert rules are tailored to each market and sector of activity for greater precision. Each audit trail is stored in an electronic safe to maintain full traceability of alert processing.

Full compliance with the MAR / MAD II directive at half the cost.