• Automatically qualify incoming leads
  • Prioritize actions
  • Help optimize your sales team’s time and resources by providing them the means they need to focus on the most qualified leads


  • For each prospect, evaluate conversion probability
  • Evaluate the imminence of the act of purchase

Predictive scoring

By tracking the origin of a lead, their activity on your website and by scoring the data prospects provide, we are able to offer highly precise purchasing behavior models. Profiling is carried out in strict compliance with the GDPR and all data are pseudonymized

The lead flows generated by your SEO and communication campaigns are the prime essential elements in a conversion funnel. The key for transforming your leads into customers lies in how you process these data.

By valuating the conversion likelihood, accurately and precisely, your teams can prioritize their actions. Having insight into the stage of the purchasing cycle of your prospectsis (awareness and discovery, research, educated purchase decision, etc.) means your teams can adapt their customer interactions accordingly.

Correctly prioritizing prospects doubles the conversion rate